SVRA and Management Area Closures

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Let me start by saying I'm not a friend of environmental protection groups like the Sierra Club. I think that Sierra Club Members, though well meaning, are mindless sheep who inadvertently rob society of a better world by sending this powerful lobby millions each year. They truly mis-understand the consequences of their actions. Back in the day when these organizations were created they served nature and society with genuine causes, but money and corruption have ended that.

Today the Sierra Club is a self interest group that uses random frivolous environmental issues and funds from enormous coffers to thwart progress. They block inter-structural development and technological/ scientific advances by throwing out legal caltrops causing projects that would normally benefit both society and nature to come crashing to their fiery death. These obstructions halt Bart (Bay Area Rapid Transit) extensions, extinguish reduced-fuel-burns, knock the wind out of clean power, and destroy crucial measures that would otherwise augment an eco friendly society. I hope you consider this the next time you stuff that envelope with a fat check.

Now that this is out of the way, let's talk about SVRA's and Management Areas. The reason these were created was to curb the footprint of off road recreation and concentrate it in vastly smaller regions with reduced ecological and monetary value. There was a time, believe it or not, that you could go just about anywhere on a dirt bike or four wheeler and no-one cared, but bills were passed and these designated areas were set aside to provide safe places for OHV recreation. It not only prevented destruction on a mass scale, it truly changed our behavior into something more friendly to our good Mother.

Now the environmental groups have declared war on these areas. But is it really in the best interest of nature to make these areas even less accessible? No. It rolls back our progress 30 years and defeats the whole concept of these designated spaces.

Where will these enthusiasts go when these parks close? A field near their home? Littered with glass, furniture and appliances? Potentially right through the home of the Burrowing Owl, Desert Tortoise, or California Condor?

When you really think about the consequences of what they are doing, you begin to wonder if they are interested in the preservation of nature at all.

Save Carnegie SVRA
Save the CCMA
Share Trails
AMA (pay close attention to this one)


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