Posted on 5:37 AM

The last thing I am is an environmentalists, but when you find out they spray herbicides on both sides of the highway and our jogging trails and all over public schools and that they know these chemicals are a huge risks to public health*** I get miffed.

I tried to tell them about Hydromechanical Obliteration and other... safe alternatives to pesticides and they were wholly unresponsive. Like its some kind of black hole up there. The chemicals they're dumping on us and in our food supply are reconstituted, repackaged and relabeled hazardous materials.

As a group we just don't seem to care. We're like a bunch of sheep and we're having a plethora of health problems as a result. I personally know people dead AND dieing from RoundUp use **.

Now Obama puts a Mansanto lobbyists at the head of our food supply and I find it DEEPLY concerning. Seriously, wtf is going on up there?


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