GMO Food Labeling

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Whenever I get confronted with someone who says there is no evidence against GMOs and that labeling products with GMOs is silly I give them the following response. Sorry, but I'm not buying it if I know about it. Which is the real reason they don't want to label a food "Genetically Modified."

Sorry for the "debate", but I'm always glad to share what I know, to a fault. I'll start by saying there are several current peer review studies that show GMO food is harmful to humans. I'm only current to a few months ago because I gave this up out of frustration and peer pressure, but Google "MON 863 lung" "gmo sugarbeet" "maize kidney liver" "GMO genocide" Lots of recalls on dangerous GMO's. Google "GMO Food Recall". Peanut Butter, Soy, Canola, Corn, etc... Lots of dead lab animals. Google "GMO death rats mice hamsters"

I don't feel right about going into detail about GMO evils here. There is just too much information. "Food Inc." is a good opener with many facts ( available on Netflix unlimited streaming [$8.99 is a steal].) "Fed Up" and "The World According to Monsanto" free on youtube : . Dr. Shiva exposes my biggest problems with GMO in "The Future of Food" on youtube The fact that farmers are successfully prosecuted as thieves when their GMO free crops are cross-pollinated with GMO seeds turns my stomach. She says 1500 lawsuits were filed by Monsanto against U.S. farmers alone. Food, Inc. talks about a guy named Moe Parr who was bankrupted by one of these lawsuits. It's an incredible story Also, there is growing concern that the die off of millions of bees in the United States is linked to bt corn as well. Scary stuff. Many are resolved that if the bees die off our food production comes to a near stand still within four years. Watch for the the suicide gene that could contaminate almost all of our plant food sources across the globe within a few short years. Finally watch the movie "The Future of Food" on Netflix it goes into great detail about many issues from the lawsuits, government corruption, and so much more.

Finally there is a movie coming out that exposes Monsanto and the carcinogenic toxins they produce. Glyphosate (aka RoundUp) is allegedly linked to two cancers that killed my dad and is taking my grandfather as well. Pop doused that stuff around the house like it was going out of style. I haven't seen this movie, but it's going to be shown at UC Davis on Jan 26. I'm heading up there to see it.

If you aren't pissed about Monsanto, I hope this changes your mind. Never considered myself a granola eating hippie, but I am begging you to become informed and stand up against what is happening.


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